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“Spicier than 500 shades of brown”
Franciele Elli Elly – student at risk in school – is unable to take the tests – read the book and lost the handcuff key

“It made me understand the young world.Now I’m in another vibe, enjoying a crush”
Obela Magalhães, 70 years

“Writer worthy of immediate admission to the Brazilian Academy of Letters”
According to testimony written last week in Word by Machado de Assis, and sent yesterday to what’s the author of this book

“It’s with this book that I wanted to get rich!”
Josef Stalin

“Take care of yourself, Lord of the Rings! This book has everything to break your record.”
Maximus Brutus Souza, a literature critic with 34 years of experience. He devotes himself to eight years in his most significant and challenging project – a synopsis of the book The Three Little Pigs

“The real history of Brazil !!!”
Láureontino Jones, author of books on the history of Brazil

“Sehr stark! Ich konnte nicht lesen! ”
Translation – “Very strong! I could not finish reading !! ”
Adolf Hitler, scientist, famous for the study of human insertion in closed environments, with toxic gases

“Dercy Gonçalves and Bukowski would have their faces red (and maybe even blushing) as they read the sexual words in this book”
Edson Smartphone, actor who played with Dercy in “Que Rei Sou eu?”

“More Kafkaean than I”
Franz Kafka, famous author and creator of giant cockroaches

“If you want to better understand Brazil and the world, this is the ideal book. A brilliant social anthropological critical analysis of the Brazilian people, their customs and behavior. A work of very high relevance. ”
Frank Kennedy Brasileiro da Silva – sociologist, with master’s degree in ethical policy (he could not do field research work due to lack of adequate quantity sampling)

author: Laraby Gones

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